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Profile for kellie

Hey Everyone .....

Ive not been on for a while ...

(44)(44)(44)Mine n Shaun's Baby BOy was born on 27th June @ 9.55am(44)(44)(44)
(44)(44)(44)He is Now 11 weeks old and dong amazing ... (44)(44)(44)

(44)(44)(44)Barris is a very proud Big Brother to Thomas Brandon Lee Parker (44)(44)(44)

Bit of an Update....

We now have another lil Boy Kaison Born November 7th 2015 xx
awesome picture of you and barris <3 lov yaaaaaa sis <3
awwwwwwwwwww u look soooo cute together hun but who u trying 4 a baby with cus i keep tellin u i cant :-p lol..i think ur both awesome , u both t/c love barry xxx
Happy Baby making:-)
haha luv the face paint......fits ya all bunch of clowns:-)xoxox
hi baby happy baday xxxxxxxxxxxx love yur
love yur baby xxxxxxxxxxxx yur the best
luvs ya to, and i appreicate you a lot, thanks kellie
across the miles
you touched my life,
opened my eyes, and
filled my empty heart-

strangers, yet friends,
our spirits reach out,
always touching, never apart- -

you in the east,
me in the west,
never together,
never apart- -
Love you all xxxxx

I love ya a ton! xxxxx
u look different ? thought u were blonde ? amazing how putting colour on ur hair makes u look younger babe t/c xxx ..oh its me barry x
Kellie it has been so much fun getting to know you! I love playing ludo with all of you, it has been a blast!! Thanks for your friendship!!! Barris is so cute and the girls are so pretty!! and BB is okay too haha...One beautiful family.. Love ya bunches!!!
You know something my hunny, to be loved is to give love so hunny, u must give plenty cos we all love you xxxxx

ummmm dunno wot to say ?
ur profile picture is ok i guess lol . natural talent ? sweet ?a great friend ?? omg ooops im checking out the wrong person lol weeeeeeeeeee luv barry x
hey kellie just to say ty for being such a good friend we always laugh n pick on richie n bb weeeeeee ur such a sweet person stay sweet hun i love how u do ur profile its always sooooo pretty just like u kellie love ya sis xxxxxx
Aww cute profile hun, such a lovely person you are and glad to be called your friend huggssss xxxxx Anna
Happy Valentines To You Both

When you finally find a soul to love
You find a place to belong
May life give you both all that it can
And the years to come be filled
With song, dance and beautiful memories

happy valentines day u2 , ur a great couple and i wish i was as creative as u , all i can do is xxx lol , have a great night and dont make too much noise later . luv ya both barry xxx
Happy Valentines Hun.Muahs
Hiya hun just dropping ya line to say what a beautiful family ya have...little Barris is gonna be a heart breaker for sure. xxx Anna
sis,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what is that on your face <3<3
ty huny love weve all my hart yur the best xxxxxxxxxxx
I love ya my sis <3 good picture !!!! hugs
hi gffffffffffffff nice pics
Hi Kellie. Just wanted you to know I adore you and your family.. muahs..
weeeeeeee peek a boooo back @ ya with cherries and all that ..well hey nice to meet u and good job bb is my bro cus that means i gotta be nice carring and good to u ...sumtimes that b just gets in the way huh lol ,,any ways its been realy nice knowing u 2 i wont do a gb 4 bb cus i cant be arsed plus ur better looking lol sooooo just wanted to say hello and ty 4 being here ...... love 1uk aka barry aka the smart ass 1 xxxxx weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
looking good baby wtg love yur xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
awesome pictures huni love them lov you and bigbear and the children big hugssssssss !
heyyyy kelie , nice ur doing ok , we dont see enough of u nowadays and the room needs a kellie ,,and happy birthday hope u got alot of balloons ,oh and by the way which 1 is u on ur pic ? lol lots of luv from ur other 1ukhotguy x
Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hun !!!!
Happy birthday to you....happy birthday to you...happy birday dear sweet hunni kellie, happy birthday to you..Hope you have an awesome day hunni you are a beautiful lady and a dear sweet friend and I love you both..muahhhhhhxxxxxxx
Aww these are lovely pictures!!! Hope you are all well!!

Lara xx
Awwww thx Kellie Babe...we loves you too xxx
Oh my dear sweet Kellie, You have always been such a dear sweet, caring wonderful friend to me. Thank you so much for sending me the beautiful card from everyone, recently after my Joey passed away. My friends here mean the world to me. I know that no matter what life gives me, I can always come here and feel so loved by so many people. Your Friend Forever
Dolly Perez
omg im not even mentioned! lol just kidding hunny! Love ya xoxoxo
omg why is lara abouve me
love you baby xxxxx all ways will
mmmmmmm Just stoppin by and dropping you off alittle SUPA love. Hope all is well your way. Love ya xoxoxoxo
awwwwww love the pics hun and u are a very good friend always will be love u and bb and kids xxxx
hey hunnie bunnie! im sl glad BArris is doin good! i was worrried about him! loves ya loads!
Glad my weeeee man is feeling better!! Give him loads of love and a cheeky burger from Lippy and Cheeky.

Glad Barris is on the mend... Well Done Barris!! your a star. Luv Lil xxxx
((((Barris , Kellie, Shaun & Family)))))
Im so happy to hear all went well hun! Plz give the little guy a big hug and smooch from me!
Love u all!
Hey huni im so glad the op went well and me little mate is home i was worried about him today till bb said his ok his a lovley boy hun and i think world of him luv ya xxx
hey kelly what kind of surgery did your son went trhough - our son went through a heart surgery when he was 5 yrs old and it wasnt fun - but he is doing allright now. he3 is now 22 yrs old take care and give your son a very BIG hug from us here in denmark
jorgen ( jdc on OB )
hi kellie hope your son is ok from jordan lilboy
hey Kels, hope your lil boy is okay,speak soon x
hi kellie good pics rrom lilboy
love your hair hun its aweseom ;)
be aware of the bear though :p
hugz love ya
marwa xxx
lmao thinking of u, girl u nuts. Love the poofy hair weeeeeee
girl im nuts what can i say:-)
Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!!! xxx

aww bless him hun... hope he gets better soon xxxxx and happy new year hun xxxx
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family ....bless you..always
Heyyyy merry xmas to you hope you have a great day and a great new years to :-)
Hugs Dee :-)
merry christmas to you too wow that is a child that love christmas isnt that correct loll and happy new year to you and your family
omg lmfaoooooo bear has a sex change lmaoooooo
pmfsl well funny !!!!
Happy Christmas with your own cute Santa lmao...........

May all yr dreams come trough hunnie

Love, Maayke
I dont think I wanna see santa no more...... *sob*
hahaha lmaooo. bigbear is nuts lool.. great pics.. merry christmas u crazy ppl luv xxxxx
ROFL@BB , Merry Xmas! lol love linda xxxx
lovely pic lol wish you all a merry xmas and a happy new year
Omgoodness bear at it again..lmao
Love You Mummy!!

Have A Wonderful Christmas!

Love You Loads!


X x x x x X
Just wanting to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
Your lil guy barris is so precious! He melts my heart.
Happy Holidays to u and the bigbear.....Love you guys lots
ho ho ho
Hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas and the best new year ever
Merry christmas hun and a very happy New year hope u have a good 1 love ya xx
merry xmas hunni , love you loads, thanks for your support when i needed it :) you n BB rock xxxxxx
Merry Christmas hun luv you.. wish you and the family a great happy life xxxxxxxxxx
Merry Christmas sweety! Best holiday wishes to you and yours from me and mine!!! xoxoxo
Hey Kellie, Merry Christmas to you and your family as well hun :) And A Very Happy New Year! juls
Hi Kellie,

Merry Christmas to You and your Family.
Greetings Marco.
hi gfffffffffffff
merry xmas to you and urs
Why everyone want me X'ed i have no hope.rofl
Ok if cissy gets X'd for 5mins can u X mrsantapaws too rofl
X cissy !!!!! weeeeee
please admin give cissy wat she deserves for all the .... we have to put up with from her i had to take my cat to the vet due to her attmpt at singing ty heres hopeing it works from a deaf mrcheeky
x cissy again lol
XXXXXXXXXX cissy lmao only joking hehe
x cissy plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Hey girl! You rock and im so glad I got the chance to meet you! You brighten up the lobby every time you log on and your always making me smile! ***HUGS***
you are verry atractive and it looks like a great mom to hope to play yatzee with you soon tim
hi baby ilove you so much its been 3 years now omg its been so cool 3 years off love ............ 3 years off the kids haveing a mom . i hope there more and more .. a life time weve you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx love bear
Awww poor Bear....getting beat up by a four year old...lol get him Barris!!
awwwwwwwwwww he so sweet just like me his dady lol
i love and miss ya loads hunnie! how r u and the family? i hope all is well! u take care and i hope to catch ya on here soon! loves ya
you one crazy lady. lol i would never have done that and showed anyone that video of my mate. lmao still crazy ..
Hey how much you selling that man for? How much is that dude in the window.......lmao im a dork
luv ya hunni
awwwww i luvs the pic of u and barris u and bb are 2 great people x
ty huny so much for the best bday ever ... you and the kids are the best // i love you all so much xxxxxxxxxx ty baby xxxxxxxxx you have my hart xxxx
I loveeee ur hair look awesome:)
hey looking awesomeeeeeeee girl luv u xxxxxxxxxxx
hi baby love yur ...i have never been so happy you are my life .... love you so much ........the baby is haveing fun ...he loves that pool ....... i am a lucky man to have you and the kids i love you all .XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Heya mummy
i aint commented in a while
so i thought i would put a lil thingy on here
i love you lol
x x x x
p.s: ya lil minger!
Luv ya too Kell....your the best xoxoxox
omg this is to cute kellie xoxoxox
thx i needed that!
luv you guys
luv ya sweetie xoxoxoxox
very nice picture kellie he look so grow up now hug lauren
I love you all sweetie. I miss ya on here, but i know u have a life unlike me....haha.......
You guys are awesome and sooooo sweet, i adore you all
Big hus and kisses
Hi guys,
Love this profile, gave me tears xoxoxoxoxo
luv yins
hi huny ty for to day it takes a good mum to make a good daddy a ty sweety love you
no longer 30. awwwwwwww, getting closer to 40 now. lol
happy birthday. have a good day.
Happy Birthday sis I hope you have a wonderful 31st.... And feel better soon love ya always xxxxxxx
Happy Birthday Kellie....Have a great day!!!!!xoxox
Happy Birthday, Have a great day
Happy Birthday hunnnnnnn luv ya and wish you all the best mwaaaaaaaah xxxxxx
Happy Birthday hunnnnnnn luv ya and wish you all the best mwaaaaaaaah xxxxxx
Happy Birthday Kellie have a great day and hope u got lots of prezzies xx
Happyyyy Birthdayyyyyy have a great day

Happy Birthday Hun.Hope You have a great B-Day! xxxxx

Your Friend,linda
HaPpY bIrThDaY kElLiE HoPe YoU HaVe A gOoD oNe

Happy Birthday Kell ya sexy young thang youuuuuuuuuuuuu :)
happy bday sweety love yer so much ........ i still love yur now yur old lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
omg has bear been pumping iron lol
love ya guys be good now
foxy xxxx nwah
Big hugs going out to one of the best women on OB! Dont ever stop being you girl!
sendin some loves ur way hunnie i love this pic too awesome! if i send u a pic can u do that for me lol how u and bb is doin good give him and the family a hug for me! give a Barris a Big kiss for me! loves ya gf!
Love ya Loads Kell xx
ty u baby you r so sweet!!!!!!!!!!
Just sending you sum David love!!!!!!!!!! Your a doll!!!!!!
Just wanted to say hey and i miss u guys alot..........love ya
im really missing u hunnnn.......where are you guys?
where is u hidingggg
come out come out where ever you areeeee.....hehe
Aww you got me picture in there, how nice:-)
love ya loads to hun, your just a little sweety pie:-)
nite see ya tomorrow..
Get ur fuzzzzzzy butttttt back here....
Love the new profile pics, ur such a cutie pie:-)
Love ya lots hunni.....miss ya loads......xoxoxoxo
Hey Kellie Hun! Just wanted you to know I think you are one of the greatest bandits I've met!
hey hunnie bunnie! i miss u and shaun! hows my Barris i love the ew pic its absolutely precious! hows the family hun? give Barris a big hug for me plz i loves ya bunchesss!!
Hi ya hun,
Sorry I missed ya, Chris had baseball practice tonight. We went and froze our goochies off...lol
I will catch you tomorrow hun im off 2 bed. Load of love to oyu and bb.....
Hi Kellie, Just wanted to say Hi Huni, and to say I think your a sweety!!!!!!!!
Heya minger lol
loving the profile.
how comes i aint in there lol
love yhoo loads
x x x x x x x x
Kellie you know I love oyu guys:-)
Hey have you seen gotta lately? just curious if she ok?
Boy thats short and sweet of a profile.........lmao
Couldnt come up wiff nuttin......hahahaha
his a handsome boy hun xx
hows it goin hun? just popped in to check on ya :) , tc , linda xxxx
Hey chunky dunker get ur arse back here i miss ya!!!!!!!!
hahah chunky dunk.........lmao
Hi Kellie hun, just wanted to say hey...
I swear I will quit messing wit ur hubby so you dont kick my arse... You guys are awesome, luv yins........
And don't take no chit off anyone girly......hehe
Love the proile grrrrrrr u meanie....hehehe
Hi Kellie hun, just wanted to say hey...
I swear I will quit messing wit ur hubby so you dont kick my arse... You guys are awesome, luv yins........
And don't take no chit off anyone girly......hehe
Love the proile grrrrrrr u meanie....hehehe
You two are so nutty together, and cute.good luck muahs.best wishes .
heehee i love ur profile hunnie ya'll so cute together! i love u guys bucnhes and bunches! give my barris a kiss for me muahhhh loves ya! tell BB i loves him too lol
LMAO ur killing me Kellie, Im laughing so hard i can't stop.....
Very cute, your welcome Fuzzy butt.........heheheh
hey hunnie bunni love and miss ya loads give the family a hug and kiss for me!
Kellie you crack me up
Hiya hun , just popped in to say hi , glad everything going well after the op, specially after the glitch , was just gr8 to know someone else has had the same as i felt like a right alien rofl , tc

luv lindaxxxx
hey hun ur so sweet and so glad i got 2 know you hun ...... Good friends are rare but I think of you as a good friend.... Think the world of you and Bear ........ hope some day we can meet be so awesome........ ur good friend luv ya ....Alison
hi huny i love you so much xxxxxxxxxx
kellie i just wanna let you know what a really good friend you have been to me over the last few months... sometimes words never can explain what angels you and shaun are... you mean so much to me. love ya girl
Hi Kellie, It nice to have meet you and i enjoy chatting to you.
Just drop you some love sissssssss...... love ya
hi my sweety will its valentnes day again its are 3d i hope we will have lots more ......ilove you weve all my hart your are the sexyest sweetest cutest girl in the wold .....love you all ways bear ... o and last night was well cool woot woot xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hi kellie thats a real cute pic of you ad teddy bear
hey girlie i think ur a awesome person .. you and bear are really wonderful glad got 2 know you both ....plus yall have a awesome family.........moody granny guees i can b yalls ob granny since gotta is ur ma-in-law ....lol allison xxx
awww omg i love you both and wish u the best..........xxxxxxxxxx Your mother n law hehe
Tulaaaaa #


Hya hunni u and Bigbear are 2 wonderful people i love ya both and your little boy is a darling hope the wedding goes well when u do hun all the best talk to ya in ob xxx love ya tula x
hey hunnie;) i love the new pics! can u email me some of them? they r so good i love them;o) i hope all is well with ya hunnie! hows the family? i love u and shaun and i love ya'll together! u mates make a good couple! i love to pick on bear about me gettin Barris lmao but i really would take him! hes just precious! its been a pleasure having ur friendship u r a gr8 friend i just wish we were closer so we could visit wouldnt that b the bomb? i love ya gf! take care ***hugs***
hi kels nice pics mate and put toune away yuk lol
Hi Kellie,
Great pics and great you. Love you both, you are such wonderful friends. Hope one day we will meet in person. I am so glad I got to know you guys.

ty kellie ... i wish not only one wonderfull day.. i wish a wondefull life :)

Hug from chile

eli and carlos and Kota and consuelo
Hey hunni!!! Just wanted to drop some love your way...Love the new profile..Hope you are feeling better..Love xxxxxxxx Sunshine
SUBJECT: kellie


you are absolutely the sweetest thing ever...and i feel it an honor to be your guardian angel my love...
kellie u forgot about me! im so sad! i love ur pics gf! i wish u would email me sometimes! i email u alot im not sure if u r gettin it? i know sometimes i get it back and sometimes i dont hmmmm i hope u feel better real soon gf! i wish we werent miles and miles apart gf i would go help ya out some! give the family hugs and kisses from me! love ya loads!
hey babes! how r ya? im ss to hear about ur ear i hope it gets to feeling better real soon! i think so much of u and bear! give big a hug for me and Barris too heehee i told Bear i still want Barris lmao email me sometimes hunnie i wish u and the family a happy bright new year with lots and lots of love! love ya bunches!
Hey hunni.. I love ur poems hun :D very nice... and i hope u get well soon hun tc and have fun luv ya xoxoxo
Hey Hun Happy New Year.. Wish you all the best.. lovely pics .. luv ya xxxxxx
i love ur pro i love ur pics lol
hehe wicked shades kellie =P wish u and bigbear the best for years to come!! luv ya xxx
wow.. congrats hun.. wish u and Shaun all the best hun tc love ya xxxxxxx
awwwwwwh kel i love this profile but actually i love all ur profiles u r just good gf! i miss ya gf! give the family hugs and kisses from me gf! love y a loads hunni!
hi love ur pro it is the best love u girl
Happy Birthday gf! i sent ya one through the mail i hope u get it on time! i was thinking of u hun and wanted to let ya know! u and shaun are the best ! i love u 2! u 2 r specail to me hun! tell shaun to b good to ya! i know he will! give the family a big hug and kiss for me! tell shaun this is ur day! be extra specail to ya!! love ya loads hun take care!
happy birthday kells
squidge n hugsssssss
lee is a gonk
gonk is a fluffy toy
rather ugly one like lee but there ya go hey
happy birthday
muuahhh xxxxxxx
hehe happy birthday hunni have a great day and tell the old man he's lucky to have u he jelouse he 30 yrs older hehe.love ya lee xxx
To: kellie


hi baby happy b.day love you huny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
you are the best .... i no you are old now but i still love you lol
hi u pair of nuts u just like me loves ya both keep it up and bb keep ya pecker up hairy boy.lots of lubs spinal xx
awwwwwwh gf! tysm! this is for Barris (Big Hug) baby boy! i love ya gf! u r the best! i am so happy for u! u r so wonderful you and shaun are so lucky! u 2 r so good together stay that way!;o) b good to each other! love and kisses to the whole family hunnie!
You missed meeeeeeeeeeeee. lol hi you hope all is well love looking at ur profile. i miss my OB buddies soooo much it hurts. love you and ur family lots and think of u often. mtake care talk sooooon.
Beautiful family hun. So happy for you. Keep smiling. See you in the games.
Hey Hunnie.. Lovely Pics :D.. Wish You All The Best Hunnie.. Luv ya xxxxx
hey hunnie! just stoppin by to show some love! i love u new profile! barris is so precious! all your kids r! u and shawn r blessed! with a beautiful family! and i an blessed to have a friend like u! u r a special person to me gf me loves ya lots! give the family a big hug and kiss for me gf!
Don't cry for me ,
now that I am free.

Just look around anywhere,
and that is where I'll be.

For I am the daylight ,
when the sun starts to rise.

I'm the bright rainbow,
you see with your eyes.

I'm the tiny raindrops,
that sprinkle in the wind.

I'll always be here with you,
for there really is no end.
Kellie,,,, I love ya huni I'm with u in spirit,,,,, million miles away hugs to u and big bear and the kids be happy huni much joy and lov I LOV U KELLIE , I WISH WE WERE CLOSER IN DISTANCE BUT KELLIE I'M WITH U AND MISS U TERRIBLY
hey kels me misses ya gf! im glad to know everything is goin good for ya hun! did u fix u up another website? if so email it to me hun! take care and kiss little barris for me hunnie! take care me loves ya!
Perfumes they smell, Watches they bling...If my theories correct...Ice Is King =)
hey stranger xxxxxxxx
Love to be your nanny and to have spinallllll as my partner now that is special k=love you always Kel and Big you are very pretty Kel and handsome Big and the kids are gorggggg Shazbo (Nanny) xxxxxxxxx
Yo cous.... lmaoo xxxx
woooow im your daughter lol ty hunni love yeh loads XXXxxxXX
heyyy kelllieee , has been great to get to know you n bear :-) enjoy laughs that we all have hehe
Best wishes,
Ice...your ob son i guess :-S
Love you hun :) xx
bigbear and kellie I THANK YOU BOTH A MILLION I LOV YOU BOTH SO MUCH MUCH HAPPINESS AND JOY AND PEACE TO YA BOTH U YOUR ONE IN A MILLION it's a awesome pair u both are couldn't have found a better match i'm with you both a million miles away !!!!!!!!! always big hugssssssss and much love never stop being so full of love
Hi Kellie Hunnie , I love what you did with ur web site :) !!
Shawn & you have the most adorable kids :) My Christmas wish for Shawn & You & your Family is to have the best Christmas ever !!
luv ya 2 bit's hunnnie
awwwwh Happy Annverary gf! i hope ya'll get to do something special! that only comes once a year gf! ya'll make such a good couple! if u guys lived closer by see i could take ya'll out:o( i hope ya have fun tell shaun he better get ya something nice gf love ya!
hey gf just wanted to give ya a shout out and let ya know i was thinkin about ya! what a nice job u have done on ur site!ur the best hun! and Barris awwwh i want him lol thats my fav pic of u and him with the bandana on i love it! i love ur whole gallery gf! what can u say when ur good ur good lmao right? tc gf! see ya soon email me sometimes hun!
kellie i want to say u did a awesome job on ur pics they are soooo cute and ur baby is cute too hun may god bless u and ur family hun ur awesome love ya hun
hello hunni tnx 4 doing that corfu thingy 4 me its good
You rock hun and always have-God Bless you and your family and may only happiness come to your door.

hellloooooo :) your pics are great hun... might let u beat me again soon lol xxxx
hi kellie nice pics i love them all hope to play u in some games soon
heyyyyy xxxx
i want another go then lol weather been good hasn't it lmaoooooo xxx
hi kellie great pics :) barris is sooo cute,, ibby xxxxxxx
hey Kellie awesome profile great pics and a georgous son. Love you guys lots thanks for the laughs
Great pics Kell..MY GOD Barris is the spit of you!!!
Hi Kellie , lovely children , I am happy to know you on OB . GL in all your games . Dianne
love you pro i like the way you put all your pic i love the one of your 2 year old little boy
oh ya if you think i am a boy i am not i am a girl i made a mistake when i came here all i wanted to say to you is that i love your profile
great pics... gl in ur games
Your a Lovely lady and looking real happy, keep it up girl;) GB u n all urs :) xxx
Great pics huni gl in your games :)
I lov you kellie thanks for our chats your shoulder lov ya girl from your sis in USA Vickie
hey huni;) luv the pics x lou x
great gallery huni