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Username:*Sarah*, 46 years
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Online status:Offline, last seen 
I play mostly:Chitris - played 15105 times
My homepage:www.facebook.com

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Loser against Lamper
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Tour winner against CanadaGirl13
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Loser against Lamper
Winner against Lamper
Loser against Lamper
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Profile for *Sarah*


 My gorgeous kids!
Awwww us sons are toooo cute,,,gonna be little heart breakers lol
yup thats the one :p xxxxx
where u at :O:O? Hope ur not hiding from me :O?? luv ya xxxxxxxx:p
if you promise you will let me win one tiny game of 5 poitns then yes!!! hugggsss
viva la strip-tris heroine ;]
You really sucks in chitris!! Really! :)
Wow... Long time sexy!!
I am great, hope u are too :-)
Bless up!!
'sif ellen deserves a profile
Sarahhhhhh...want a tic tac???
:O is Marsmeanie bugging ya? :o and where did that poem you had went? :o
mmmmmmmm.. i didn't know u could talk that much :p... luv ya my tris partner xxxx
hmm hmmm hmm 30 hmmm well life is hard :p :p btw the puppy ia grooooovy :d
LMFAO ... im not the only onew who becomes very very old ;):)
So.... i like your new pic :P
Happy Birthday oldie pfft i mean sweetie * .. wish u all the best hun luv ya xxxxx :0)
Sarah oh Sarahhh where are you? :o its ur bday :d:d:D

Well darn i just have to leave a loosey guestbook entry saying Happy Bday then :0)
So there it is Jolly Good Bday madame :0)

p.s. teto told me to tell you that u are 37 lmao so Punch him not me :0)
oh my what a compliment ty ty ty :0)
hi girl i love ur profile and have a happy holiday
Sarah, Sarah you little tris-devil! :D miss ya :(
hey where u hiding :O and mmm i totally agree with old teto and smartypants Evel yn... miss ya xxx
Hmmm new picture.. you look so... well how shall i say that....
Well... its... ehhh...
Serious? Odd cos i never take you serious :P
Ok ok i like you... i admit... but dont tell the other pls.. TY
:o new poem lmao hmm i agree with old tet hahahaha
Happy holidays for you and ur family ir crazy lady :p
Old tet :O

miss whalehead :P
love you sarah
*poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke*

that mars sleeps with the internet man sarah be aware of her
love n hugs popcorn chicken lol !!!!!!
sarah sarah oh so sarah gonna come to cheltenham and bloody SCARE ya.....lol
c ya soon hun xxxxxx
:o u cahnged ur name :s omg omg well u still got that lovely poem :d:d lmao

hugsss evelyn :p btw is it pinnk to purple or my eyes are weirdo :s
luv ya Pleasant Princess Sarah :D xxxxxxx
Love you sexy!
:o omg this profile is cool it has a lovely poem oh darn its urs Sarah right? :s:s

oh well nice to get to know you and i let u into a secret i let u win at chitris pmsl :d:d

be safe and well hun all the best for ur family:d

hugs evelyn
I totally missd you!!!!
where the hall have u been??
now rocks pls :P
lova ya girl!!!1
What all this mens doing here!!!!lol
Sarah i need to talk to you why you are not online :P??!!?!
Love you sexy!!!!
u are so cute i wanna to be a friend of u at online bandit huni
you are totally hot and beautiful and have wonderful kids, when are you gonna marry me? ;)
hehe hugssssss
I am the one and only!
Sarah can we change your name to:
sweet sarah
sexy sarah
great friend sarah
funny sarah
crazy sarah
.....................and more...

lova ya hunni :D
I dont want to take all the GB of yours to myself......
But i wake up with a dream :P u come to visit me in israel :P
And we are trubelmaker...LOL

ha ha ha
think of it.... shhhh dont say NO!!!
love ya
Good Morning sweetie :)
Have A great day and kick some..... Lol
Hi Ya SweetNess....

How the devil are ya.
Your a super friend huni xx
Luv Ya

Who talk about sexy here!!!
sarah i love you!!! will u maride me??? LOL
Just popped by to say

Luv ya
hiya sarah
sweaty pants,
where you hiding to :P
hmmmm lmao
love ya loads all's forgiven
from your biscuit chomping granny
muuaahhh xxx
foxy weeeeeeee
I'm backkkkkkkkkk go on admit it you know u missed meeeeeeee beating you at chit :)
hiya hun, just want to thank you for being a great friend here at OB, love BEATING u in all the games we play lol take care always hunnie loves ya xx
Hiya Sarah, You look great that pics. I am glad that you and I were playing bg and i beat you heehee :P j/k but you are good player tho. :) I am glad you are my sweet and cool friend! :)
gl in all ur games sarah/sheba and stop cheating will u plz we dont stand a chance with u in tris cheating ;)
pfft why would i want to leave room for u , bwah! all the best for '07 sarah mwah mwah mwah lolol
Hey sarah your great and love having you on here..;)
Birds they fly, and fishes they swim...Ice is king, Bow down to him
The Nail That Sticks Out, Gets Hammered
at the end of the day....it is night
merry new year and happy...
no wait.Happy merry and new christmas.
Shit no that aint it..uuh,
Merry New Happy and...
ah fuck it,u know what i mean;)
Sarinha :D

Wish you a merry christmas and a very happy 2007 =)

kisses :0)
just stopped by to wish u a merry christmas and a happy new year :)
Well hello thier cousin lmao

luv ya

hmmm It seems that the sleep did not do a thing !!! haha tata elen
Did'nt miss you at all .I.
Hi ya babe xxx
Love ya to huni ...
Big Hug from
Kel & Barris
and atlast you know the real me :-) aiii
For ought thou Be Though only But one!

I love your boyfriend :)
mayo too ??????????????
miss you love youuuuuu :D xxx
do u like sausage?
2 words "dame girl"
alright.. i feel i have been on the int.ob long enough to deserve to be in your guestbook..
At least i hope so =D
Havent really talked to u THAT much but.. i migh pop in sometimes to say hello and that's it.
Hope its enough tou :D
Good luck in your games Sarah
you really need it (p)
just wanted to mark in here for everyone to see that i did beat sarah at chit woohoo and erm no i wasnt dreaming lol :)
awwwwwwwww your precious sarah have a wonderful time :):) wonderful kidssssssss :):) lov ya vickie
whit wooh=P lol
hi to you too cheeky :P
i love youuuuu........no i really really doooooo......... will you marry me?
Hi hun! Very nice to have u here around..

Cool Pic's huni xxxx
hey hun love ya pics :) xxxx
U SMELLLLLLLLL but i still love ya lol
Hehe I love your profile Sarah. If you ever lose it again you know where to find it :P
Great pics huni :)
ok i take cheeky chops back ill have cheeky lugs 4 u instead lmaooo
cheeky chops u r,,, got any wet fingers in ya ears??? hehehehe