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Username:cissy, 49 years
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I play mostly:Super Ludo - played 12765 times
My homepage:www.youtube.com/xxxcissyxxx32

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Profile for cissy


have to walk my fish (22) 

ok gobble gobble rofl
hey mine dont look this good pffft
Love the profile helmet head! Nice song too, makes me wanna get low low low MUAHAHAHAHA!
You are so creative Cissy. Wow, what an awesome profile. oxo
I see you :P oh wait no I don't LOL!
she's just the cutest thing wuvies her<3
awwwww tuddle duddles
OMG!!!! I'm not even gonna ask ROFL =)
Hey Cissers nice pic(; hahah anyway happy easter!:D <3 u
Hey AP! :D

U look good on your new profile pic.. :D

ilove this cutiee is she ur daughter?
Happy holidays!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Merry Christmas and happy new year you lil turd:P lol hope u have a great holiday with your family <3 ashers
Merry Christmas and happy new year you lil turd:P lol hope u have a great holiday with your family <3 ashers
Hiya brat! hope ur doin well!
rofl cute luv ya bunches
Yep. Looks about right to me. nnlnn!!!
Cisserrrrrrrrrrrr cisserrrrrrrrrrr poke poke pokey pokey poke poke pokeyyyy poke poke hahahahahahahahahah im totally gonna get the last poke in this situation poke poke poke poke POKEDY POKE POKE ily<3 peace out ashers
those penquins are lmao funny
Girl I love the pequins to funny :P LMAO
Your profile page is awesome just like you are Cissy... Ty for being my buddy.... you family is beautiful too and your boys are adorable.. wtg girl...See u in the games..
had to check u out :) glad i did u made me laugh as always... i am glad u r part of ob hun u make it a blast!!
Love the profile and you ur a nut thanks for being there and cisser when i am a member again i am gonna beat u in sludo bahaha we will see who is better hahah love ur ashersss
love u cissyyy xoxoxox vn profile hun .. urz Rodyy
omg i love ur profile u rock girl xoxox
Awesome :>)
HaPpY BiRtHdAy Cisserrrrr i hope you have a great day cause you deseve it lover asherrrrr(:
happy birthday hun hope you have the best day you deserve it xxxxxx
hey cissy want to wish u happy bday love u soooo much sweetieeeeee ty for being my friend love u to death xoxoxoxoxo
? ? ? dont laugh too much incase ur head falls off lol , and yes as we all know 1uk is always right , always is ..always will be , trying to think of something nice to say now ..ummmmm thanx for being a great friend to us both im glad i let ya x :-p
Da Spank, Da Spank, Da Spank is on FIREEEEE!!! :D . Love it!! Love YOU!!! OK. Enough of that mushy gushy crap.
Happy New Year Cissy! Fab profile :D
omg dont know what i would have done without you these last few days keeping me laughing . love ya bunches,we will get through this,thank you for being here for me.hope you all had a very merry christmas and the bestest new year ever
Merry Christmas to you and your family......wish you all the best........thanks for bein my friend hun wouldnt trade meeting you for anything you truely are one of the few good people out there.
ty 4 ur help happy holidays 2u2
u trying to scare me with that big x on ya profile lmaooo xxxx love the page xxxx
***TAG*** I just tagged you (1) Where ever you may be...Happy Holidays to you and your family from mine! Thanks for being a part of my life and being such an awesome friend I hope we have many more years to come (1) xoxoxo
weeeee it's the OB Oompa Loompa...hehehe...you are 1 of a kind hun and dont change for anyone...we have had alot of fun together...still waiting for my lesson woman hmmm...Hope you and your family have a great holiday season
love your profile :D and the song...very vintage!!! LOL You are awesome Cissy as a TD and friend! xoxo
You look as I pictured you, and you is a cutie but impish lmao!!!! Love your graphics . Please get out of construction before Xmas lol.Love ya, Suzi (missbro)
hi hun just popped by to say thank you and its friends like you that we really truely treasure your heart is so big and full of luv im so grateful to have you as a friend hun and always will be xxxx
and your forkalisious lol (eating pudding with your fork ) aka forkalishious :P
Ravens all the way baby!!! Good to see someone on Ob who shares my same interests lol
HEY YOU-dont know how i would have got through all my problems this year without you to talk too , i guess we are just two peas in a pod.Thank you for always bein there for me ,we love ya bunches xxx
Awesome profile hun .. wow I love the music all the pics ... very well put together. <3
ATTENTION OB USERS : Watch out for Cissy on her bike she's dangerous especially when she has to ride in her booster seat LMAO! Don't forget to wear your helmet Cissy! Hehehe
Yayyyy!!! You found Otto!!!! :D :D Now go get us some good barrel pickles.
what a nice profile.. kiss and hug!
Stumpyyyyyyy hiya my lil lumpy hillbilly lol love ya xxxx
I love your page young lady.
hiya mate just poppin in to say HIYA
You have a very funkdafied profile. And yes, I talk alot :P I would try breathing, but it takes away from my talk time. :P :P Some one had to be first on my shout out list, so you were the first one that came to my head . :D xoxoxoxo
Cissyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy HI :) LOL
Happy mothers day hun have a good day xx
hi hun! Happy b-day,now i see we are in the same day!
Have a nice life,hun!
Happy Birthday Cissy, hope you have an awesome day!! xxxx
OMG luvvvvv the kitty one :D glgl in games, thx for being there to make me laugh, throw me out windows, kick me butt, and lose to me in a game o' ludo :P :D
weeeeeeeee sucky losers lmao hmm-eagle looks awesome
Hey short stuff just dropping by to give you back your helmet you forgot it the other day at my house LMAO.
Check u out With the Cool Profile lol xxx Luv ya huni xx
If you want come, this one is for celebrated the 200 years of chilean Independence.. 1810 /2010..

love your pic hun made me laugh lol
Sup Crissy? lol Thanks for being cool. m/ (><) m/
Hi Cissy. Thanks for being a friend in OB. I enjoy playing sludo and ludo with you. You make me work hard for a win!! LMAO! Well Happy New Year and many Blessings throughout the year of 2010! :) God Bless You!
Thank you for being you and for being my friends. I appreciate you! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Love ya!
Merry christmas and Happy New Year...
hey you hope you ron britt and chris have a very Merry Christmas and the best new year ever.luv ya bunches summer 2010 hehe

Eli and Family :)
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Hugggs!!
hey you ive been wondering how we became such good friends on here .but im glad we did small world it is how we are so much alike . i love you bunches and your family too 2010 we will meet i promise that .i hope yall have a nice sweet old family thanksgiving .luv ya bunches
Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! xxx
Hugs to my Cissy Poo you always know how to make me smile, its been my pleasure knowing you, you're an awesome person inside and out, much loves to you helmet head...btw thanx 4 hosting them awesome tournies, you da best!!!¢¾¢¾
hiya mate have fun u rock tc and gl in ur games smile
Love ya Cissy. You're one of a kind <3
to my sopecial sweetie who loves animals like me! i love ya for it hunni.xoxoxoxoxox ann
My sexi Cissy, I could not ask for a better friend. Thank you. Much love to you and your family! xoxoxo
Just wanted to stop in and say hi to my Little Sis! Stay in touch hun! :)
hey sweetie pie.........pics of all animals would be awsome! i can appreciate your willingness to help animals out. im an animal freak! i loves ya bunches and more.xxxxxxxxxoxoxoxox....ann thanks for sharing
hi baby love yur ... yur nuts .. but thats just you lol say hi to ron and geve the kids a hug from the bear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
OMG! Is that a dog? LOL....weeeeeeeeeeeee it's Cissy the zoo keeper! teehee What can I say girlie you are simply one of a kind, glad to have known you. You always make my days seem a little brighter, never change who you are. You're a beautiful person inside and out even if you're a lil short *giggles*.
Love ya g/f xxxxx
hey you, im so glad i got to know you -you have the best attitude of anyone ive known -never give up hang in there you need somebody call me day or night it dont matter-love you bunches -Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die -life is a broken winged butterfly that can not fly
awwwwww do so want a pig et you miss him
hey sweetie loves ya to death!!!!!!!!!! love the piggy god rest his soul! get a close up of the dog that looks like a deer hun! i love animal and babypics weeeeeeeeeeeeeee. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
is that a doe in the backround hun?

ok wgats the thing in the backround looks like a doe???????????????????? hummmmmm love ya sweetie xoxoxoxo
OMG!!!! Freah pies!!! Guess I'll have to start baking my own to have em ready for ya!!! luv juls
i love u to pieces girl. whats the thing on the back of the pig?????now whats her name and those of the others. nosey huh? but with u i'll never know! love ya hun.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Oh ONE more thing, we can play bg but but I can be beating you STILL lmfao!! :p

Love ya sis!
Maria xoxoxo
Hey My sweetie cissy!!! xoxoxo Hey silly girl where is my name in your text message :( don't you love me ROFL!! Love you so much like sister!!! mmmwwahhhhh!!!

xoxoxoxo Maria
errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gimmie that og i need food as me chicken run away lmao luv ya hun xx
woow.. im in your list.. i love you and your pies..

Hug from Chile
*Throws a pecan pie at Cissy cuz shes a nut :P *

Love the pig and taco bell dog pic. Thumbs up to the dog!! :p . Rock on my friend.

Da spankster
hi cissy, luv ya
hey ty for the gb u r a sweet person and a little crazy but that is what makes u U lol

hey sweetie loves ya so much girl tc and hers your pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
ty Cissy hun for yr gb. Yes he is a sweetie that little benjamin and a charmer already lol.

Love you hun, you crack me up in OB
Happy Birthday Auntie Cissy x

Love ya
Barris x

lmaoooooo you also have a stalker lmaooooooo big hugs girl your a good women t/c and hugs
Hey BuckWheatCissy!! Kick your butt in bg!! LMFAO! I love you sis! But I still gonna whopping you in bg :p ROFL!! I am very totally enjoy playing you in bg and funny chat and include of course picking on each other, its blast isn't it? ROFL!!!

Hugggsss xoxoxo,
BuckWheat Maria ROFL!!
throws a pie at cissyyyyyyyy
you nut you!!! but i still luv ya
You so crazy :)
i change the car for this ring.. lol :)
oh cissy.. i don't know what to say.. thats alovely ring.. but u shouldn't have to :S.. cuz I am kinda taken :p
awww u loook so innocent in this pic.. it scaring me.. cuz ur not :s
Hey Hun Happy Valentines Day to You!! your a sweetheart and a nut but thats besides the point...lmao Take Care, luv ya. juls

hello mate hope yer doing ok love yer
you are such a crazy person :P you make me laugh,but you are a great person Cissy .all of your friends are all amazing too 8)
heyyyy Cissy Cissy Cissy... What can I say? ummmm ... Don't know actually but I am sure I wanna say something but I kinda forgot :S well.. anyways maybe I wanted to say hi or so or maybe ur funny and I kinda luv ya but also not sure Hope you feeling gay though :D.. so I guess I better not say anything at this time :.... So Pieeeeeeeee Cissy muah xxxxxxxxxxx
hey cissy, ur too funny luv ya lots
hey cissy what makes a friend come back and say hello people that make a difference like you and deedee.
As i told her i am not much online b any more i got burnt by trusting too much in one but hey i am alive and miss you and deedee
cya soon xxx
i sent you a gb dont no what happen to it.lol
so i send it again .. love your huny and you can come fishing weve me any time xxxxxxx
hi baby you can come over here any time huny .. ill loved to take you fishing xxxxxxxxxx love you huny
You are so little,
So short and so tiny,
Next time we play,
I'm kickin your hiney. :)
Is that really you? LOL!
lmao.. I didn't know you could be so wise hmmm interesting pie thrower hehe love ya hun xxxxx will always be waiting for more pies :0) :p muah
Cissy, how you doing hun? Very busy at the mo i see, as long as you are happy hun thats all thats important.
Take care xxxx
Hi sweetie xx

U ok? Not seen you about? Miss ya loads

hello bird hope evrythings going ok for yer x
Hi there pie thrower.... just dropped by to say hi and that you are truely really the best yamb player now I know.. even though i played u one game.. but i noticed ur skills lmaooo.. ur great and fun hun xxxxx
UMM kk so like I'm here and your not.......WHERE R U??????? Happy New Year, Best Wishes for you and your family in 2009!
Love Ya G/F
love yur fuzzy happy new year to you ron m8 and the kids xxxxxxxxxx i love you guys xxx your baer
Happy New Year !!!! hope 2009 brings u lots of good things xx
How are you, dear - x-mas coming around ok?
I just wanted you to know, you`ve been on my mind - Thank you SO much for your kind compassion! It ment a lot - cause, walking through this on my own.... THANK YOU!!! Take care. Hugs from lille in norway
Heyy Cissy, I want to wish you and your family A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year !!
Thanks for being a good friend your an awesome person! luv ya hun xoxo juls
awwwwwwwww ty swety love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
you fuzzy but you lol
hey hun love ya pics u got a cute doggy and u are a lovley person glad to have meet ya love ya xx
have I told you lately how much i love you? Omg you make me laugh so much! I look forward to logging on OB each and every day because as long as you are here, I'm guaranteed to be giggling like mad! Your a hoot girl!
hey hot woman! hope you're having fun!
hiya cissy , i dont think ive left u a comment if not im sorry , if i have then u have another ..yaaaay . lol well ok i promise not 2 eat u hun , and why are u holding a dead bird in ur pic ? . anyway i think ur a great person , kind, bubbly , fun and ummm honest ,,, but no 1 believes what i say anyway .sooo if any 1 looks at my comment its all lies lol weeeee . nice 2 have u as a friend hun and t/c .luv 1uk aka barry xxx
hey that cheap clown wants to say ty a BIG TY FOR A BREATHE OF FRESH AIR when your in the room your a great person cissy and always friendly oh god i ramble but this aint ramble ty cissy
haha nice short bus!!!!

xoxo stay cool girl!!
cissyyyyyyyyyyy ss me not gonna tell ya!! so you can iggy me if ya want!! BooOooOoooOooo! lmao
WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE There's my favorite lil helmet head who is no bigger than a turd...LMAO! Luv ya girl!
Woooooot Woooooot Ur back on the members lmao

luv ya huni xxx
cissyyyyyyy weeeeeeee...You're the best girlfriend. I am so glad to have met you. Love ya girl and hope to be friends for a very long time...Dee xoxoxox Love you bunches...
hi fuzzy xxxxxxx love yur ..........and get yuor but but over here ok to uk xxxxxxxxxxx WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Hey huni ........

Luv ya loads

Hey Chookie Egg!!
Miss ya loads ...
Sorry not been about much ..

love ya loads

hi sweety love yur your the sweetest xxxxxxxxxx love you all ways bear
your awesome too he-he
HEY helmet head long time no see...where's ur helmet? LOL! Every time I come in here you are not on...something's wrong with this picture! LMAO! Hope all is well with ya!
Hey girl...I think ur fun to hang around with too..you make me laugh..Love ya too hun...I'm glad we are friends
hey huni xx ive got my guestbook back wahooooooooooo lol
bb treated me lol

luv ya huni

Miss ya loads Babe xxx
Hey Ya Chookie Egg ......

Missing ya

Luv Ya

Hiya Cissy!!! Love the pictures huni.... your great!! weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! lol
Hi Cissy...Very nice profile...Love the pictures...Its very nice to meet ya
HEY cHOOKIE eGG...........

U ok huni ..
Miss ya ...

Luv Ya

awww Cheeks , nice boys:) lovely floor! i want it lol . oh sorry and the woman in the pic is ok too :)
linda xxx
OMG hun ........ Missing you loads .....
Ill be back on later hope your here ....

love ya huni

awww cissy you are so lovley hun x
Save me from these crazy people.... hurry on so i can redeem my sanity pmsl.......Luv u lots xxxxxxxx
This site is mad!!!!!! but great fun
I love you too hun very much you are wicked !!!!!!!!!
Missed you yesterday but some of us have work to do ......lol
Catch you later xxxxxx
hi sexy miss yer love yer more every day bear xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Eye Spy with my Ickle Eye somthing begining with


lmao luv ya
Where r YOU???????????????

Missing ya n im going to bed soon....

hi sexy love yer ......ty for being my m8 and sweety .....love yer bear xxxxxxx
Where are you?????????
Your not aloud to have a life off OB lol

get ya butt back on ere i ahve noone to help pick on BB lmao

Luv Ya huni

I luv ya huni .. your amazing .....
thank you so much ....

Where r u Babe .. MIssing you laods xx

Luv ya huni xx
Helloooooooooo Thier my ickle Chookie Egg lol
Where are ya ? Get back on ere i miss ya.........

kellie aka FuzzyButt lol
Hey FizztButt2 lol

I aint seen gotts for while now. i know she was house hunting ...

luv ya kellie
oi oi oi im ere now stop missing me u nutter lol.

whats it like being Fuzzy Butt 2 lmao

ur nuts huni but i love ya lol

luv kellie
oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii fuzybut 2 shhhhhhhhhhhh lol ill come back wen i wont ok so kiss it lol xxxxxx
cute hound. and plz keep being funny on here xo ozzy
omg dont you dare stop hiying on me ill take kellie kicking my but ..lol woot woot he he love yer ............o yer hi cissy.s hubbby......
Hey woman!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! Just stoping by to show u some love!! Have a good one and gl in your games :)
hi huny love yur xxxxxxx weeeeeeeeeee
Happy Happy Birthday, hunni! I wish you all the happiness in the world and may your wildest dreams all come very true this year! as ever, xoxoox Jo (a fellow Aries lol)
Hey Woman!
Just to let ya know I'm still alive! Tina is too, we shall return 1 day! LOL! Tell all my peeps I said hey when ya see them, plz. Hope you have a wonderful and safe Happy Easter. Hugsss Love Ya!!!!
cute puppies is it rotweiler ??? lol
hi huny ty for your gb you are so sweet ... ty for being my m8 o yer your sext to lol xxxxxx
Awwwwwwww so cute puppies hun, they are adorable, unlike their owner :O haha jokin , :P , see ya in the lobby xxxxxxxx
Hey cissy ur so fine, ur so fine u blow my mind !!!!!!
omg that puppy is so adorable I want it............... have you been eating lots or do u have a pet pig? lol (pic 2) catch you later.. wwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Hiya hun, its me the dizzy lady lol, its a pleasure knowing you, you always put a smile on my face you crazy chick!!!
Be prepared Im saving to come to the usa to visit.......lol.
Cissy, you are a great friend. I am glad I got to know you. Thanks for being a great friend. And why is everyone calling me a nut these days? LMAO Talk to ya later girlie!
Hey Cissy just dropping by to say hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii LOL!!!!!!!!! Hope ya have a great weekend!! See ya around....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Hu Cissy! I can't see the birds.
ty for signing my book glad to have u added on my friends i appricate it thank you and hope to play together again good luck :)
Hey Cissy (my favorite little helmet head)
Wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas, may all that you wish for come true. Best wishes for a safe and Happy New Year. Take care my friend!
Hugs Bat Lady
hi cissy!
you are a wonderfull girl!xxx
Woohooo Cheryl! I'm so proud that you're not cheap anymore! LMAO!!! Ignore button works wonders doesn't it? Glad we're friends, you're an awesome person! Don't forget to wear your helmet! LMAO!!!
The Bat Lady