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Username:sleepincutie, 46 years
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I play mostly:Spades - played 10062 times
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gl gl gl .
Love them Pictures <3 hugs to you this fine day sweetie !!
rockon cutie gal
~Hey Manda...you are so pretty girl!! I love the pics of the nails, you do an awesome job!! bring all your hair and nail supplies cuz when ya come to visit i need some servicing!! hehe you and Day make a cutie pie baby also, now hurry and bring on the real one :o) I am so happy you have finally found a guy that is worth putting your time and heart into...you really deserve it!! Good things come to people who wait!! Day dnt make me hunt ya ass down now mr!! talk to ya later girl...luv ya xoxo~Sommer
hey babe...i know i said this alot but im soo glad your a part of my life...I feel so blessed to have met you :)
omg lmaoooo forgot your own kids name....thank god aunt Uni remembered lol..it's Skyler silly hehehe
nice pics hun xxxx
awwww theres the morphed baby i named lmaoooo isn't he sooo cute
Hiya hunni Hope you are well mwahhhhhhhhhh xxxxx
hey sweetie wahts going on? loves u bunches and bunches.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ann
wow you look great if i was only 20 yrs younger haha rock on from oz xo
hi huny omg yur so cute xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
awww luv the pic hun...ty for being soo sweet and always there when i need ya.luv ya my hop-a-long hehehe...stay sweet you are a great person inside n out
❤❤¸.•*¨*•☆ Happy Valentine's Day ☆•*¨*•.¸¸❤❤
hey sleepy 30 days free ? i wanna do drama now lol , well summer thinks ur ok guess it means u must be , just kidding i tell things how they are to just in me own way lol , anyways still luv ya and be good xx 1uk :-)
~Hey Manda, tysm for the fn sweetest gb...almost made me cry!! you are an awesome girl, you have done more for me than you should, you are a true friend hun...you are an awesome daughter as well, your mom is blessed to have a beautiful daughter like you...ya think some peeps teamed up to vote u as most drama maker?? yea the ones who really shoulda been the one!!! Its all good though they got ya 30 free days ;) ya tell it like it is though!! THATS MY GIRL!! ok i am out....love ya girly....muahz xoxo
Luv ya huni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thank you very much hun, love you lots and lots xxx
hey babes ty for the sweet words means alot to me......hope ur mom is gettin better...God Bless you and ur Family...

hey sleepin, ty for my gb comment, your a sweetie, still trying to figure out how you got most drama maker, could name a bloody 100 more that cause more crap than you. like me lmao. be happy and don't give a shit what anybody thinks hun, what i like about you is your always yourself. luvs dianne

Shush your faccia! haha...Just figured id leave you a quick post now that i can! Im soo happy i met you here :)
awwwww hun you are the bestest.love ya bunches and still gotta tell stud that i saw the tatas and he didn't lmaoooo...j/k hun muahhh
Hey manda thanks for being a great friend for the past few years ive lost count now how many lol glad to hear your mums doing better
Hope you have a great christmas and new years
Hugs Dee :-)
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!! xoxo~Sommer
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Hiya my Hoochhhhhhhhhhhhh im so glad we r friends ur a very special person dont ever freaking change u hear me HAPPY TURKEY DAY FROM METC AND BILL Loves ya hooch
i <3 u!!!1
lmaooo luv ya too girl...we do have tons of fun together and as for the kiss...ya know he will be persistant on the tongue from ya...he is a male lmaooooo...you are a great person inside and out..dont ever change for anyone
~Hey Manda..w00t you can see your stalkers again =) Just wanted to tk you for being such an awesome friend...you are a sweet girl, you are one friend i know i can always depend on, and that really means alot. love ya girly *muahz* ~Sommer~
Thx for the add hunni :) xxx
Missing you hun
hiya hun...just wanted to pop over and say hiya...we have had some great times and hope there are many more to come...and not just ones where we get X'd together lol..oh and Devil said he is NOT scary lmao..luv ya hun weeeeeee
u are a crazy nut im glad i met ya hun stay the way u r !!!!!!!!!!!
hello fellow hater lmaooooooooooooo xx
weeeeeeeeeeeee you gooo gf roflmao

ur cajun gf
omg ick get it off sleepin it gonna bite you lmao
hey sleeepinnn! Just thought i would come by n say hello ..stay sweet n sassy LOL!
heyyyyy... mmm so is caleb available :D hehe xxxxxx
i loves ya so muchhhhhh hun. ya keep us all amused! xoxoxoxoxoxo
toooo much info!!!
whooooaaaa whaaaa back this trian up!!!
Cool gotcha on my friends list now lmaooooo woah im sitting here writing this and there is an azz looking at me lmaooooooo anyway you seem like a really sweet person stay the way you are ;)
the bottom 3 are hottiessss
Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Easter!!!!! Hope your holiday was a good one!
hey mandy i like ur friends can i have their addys pwetty pwease lol ..just kidding send them mine! anyway dont get hurt be tougher than the rest and play with pretty guys like me lol ...oh yeah im joking about that 2 lol ...... nice 2 have u as a friend 1uk :-)
oo and to heck with long distant relationships... :O mrs. claus has still stuck with santa on his night of departure over xmas...
hey sis, just stoppin by 2 see if u were online. I miss u. 143 4ever n always.
Love the profile hun and soo agree...on line games are gettin old...you are a sweet girl and a great friend....weeeee now let's have some fun..lol
lmao....i think i been beatin ya typing lol, except the hard ones haha.
Happy New Year Girl! xoxoxo