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Nice Vette. Love the color... I love Cars...
Merry Christmas from our house to yours! Best wishes for the upcoming new year! Love ya hooch
Hey hunnie. Just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New year..wish you all the best. I am soo glad we are friends. your the best.....love you hun
hey cindy just want to wish u a merry christmas n happy new year hope its the best for u hun n ty for letting me be ur friend n glad i got to know u more u always make me laugh no matter what even when im down u cheer me up ty hun love ya xxxxx
Merry Christmas to You and Yours too hun. Hope you have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season. Love ya too Girlyyyyyy !!!!!
Merry Christmas to you and all yours!!
Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Please be safe and enjoy! I am glad that you are my sweetie friend and my bg brat for a longgggggg time! hehe!! I can beat you sometimes but I got kick your ass in ludo hehehhee!!! Keep it that way you are. You are mean to me. I am very glad that you sent me card I never forget. I will send you one too real soon I hope hehe.

Maria xoxo
hey cindy i want to thank you for being my friend glad i got to know u u always know how to make someone laugh ty for being there for me with the lost of my parents cant believe they are gone ty for letting me being ur friend love ya gf n happy holidays to u n ur family hope its the best
AWWWWW Sweetie. Your my Bestest Bestie ever! Ups and Downs, Laughs and Cries, I'm here for you and from what i see i think there will be many many more smiles for you now.. Be happy, look forward and know that im only a click or a call away lol.. LOVE YOU <3
TY Lulu....U da U da U da BEST.....Merry Christmas to you and your family, may 2011 be full of wonderful surprises. Love ya girl
A women has amazing strengths, she can deal with stress & carry heavy burdens; she smiles when she feels like screaming. She sings when she feels like crying. She cries when she's happy & laughs when she's affraid; her love is unconditional. There is only 1 thing wrong with her. She forgets what she is worth!!

Love ya girl!!!
thank you missy for being there for me when i needed a shoulder.....your a very good friend...i like the real ones not fake ones......hope to continute friendship for ever
Hey Twin ... Im not on much so incase i forgot

Have a magical time

love always kel xx
Hi, I am an occossional player on this site and you always make me smile with your lobby chat, you have a great profile and seem like a really nice person. You don't need to post this I don't play here often enough to know how to speak privately lol
Awwww love the profile hooch...xoxo
Sheesh woman do you know hard it is to read that stuff upside down much less backward and with all them funked up symbols? LOL
It's the times we're so crazy,
that people think we're high.
It's the times we laugh so hard,
we can't help but cry.
It's all the inside jokes
and "remember whens".
those are all the reasons
that we're online friends!
Wake ya ass up I heard about your drunk escapades last night ROFLMAOOO!! So I'd ask if you had a hangover but since you're not up yet LOL! Hard heads learn the hard way =]
Happy 30th to my favorite hooch!! Hope you had an awesome day! <3
Cindy Lu can I have some celery plz it tastes soo good with Hidden Valley Ranch dressing LOL!
Awwwww I feel special, not short bus riding, helmet wearing, winder lickin special either :P Thanks for being YOU!
ROFLMAOOOO........ok all kidding and jokes aside....glad you can give as much as you take, you're one of the few ppl left on here that I actually care to know. You're one of my fave hoochies on here heheh, glad to have known you, be you and be true. love ya hooch xxxx
LMAOOOOO.......but but but I love you Lulu......omg I'm dying over here call 911 plz.......
Just thought i'd tell you how very lucky i am to have an Ob bestie like you.. when ever im down or have a problem i know your always there to help.. if i just wanna act stupid and silly and have fun again your always there.. dont ever change.. your the best and i lovieeeeee you. xoxoxo
Hey Lucky. Hope you get that wish! Thanks for all the fun you bring to the games that we play. Mainly sludo. My fave game. LOL!
Umm nice pink stove u got there hooch LMAO! Do you use it to cook your skettis on? :P
ur on the newest profiles ? are u new ??? u look like some 1 thats been here 4 ages lol ,oh well must be my eyes ..cindy its great beating u all the time cus its funny when u got that mad look in ur eyes lol ... t/c and try being good luv 1uk x
Aww that was beautimous what u wrote about Emma! Have a Fab Friday Hooch =]
Where's my Lulu? Miss ya girl <3 Hope all is well with you and the fam xxxx
Muah!!! You are great!! :) I know sometimes I don't show up on ob a lot anymore but you are one of the people I really enjoy talking too!! :) There is of course one more person I love talking to more than anything...:) But you are very awesome to talk to so glad we met and are friends!
Luluuuuuuu where has my Lulu gone? I miss ya crazy self :P U da U da best heheh love ya girl xxxxxx Can I play on the waterslide too?
awwwww your so welcome hun we loves ya lots u are a very good friend and u have such a wonderful family xxx
(__) (_\_) (__) (_/_) (__) (_\_) (__) (_/_) (__) IT'S TIME TO DO THE FRIDAY DANCE....so I'm shaking my ass for you ;) Happy Friday Hoochie hope ya have a rocking weekend! YEEHAW!
I'm here...now what? LOL
luckyyyyyy love the profile babe its awsome.. i'm soooo glad to be part of it.. Hope u have a fantastic mothers day love ya heaps take care
Happy mothers day hun have a good day x
Success in this world is about sustaining all the negatives that come your way - dont be bothered with the ones who do not understand, do not be bothered with the ones who dont care, just care about the ones who love you, as I do.

Mama an Droon
Where u be? The one day I decide to drop in you're not here... boo stinkin hoo LOL! The scrolling thing gets on my nerves and why am I last? I know cuz u saved the best for last. <blushes>
hAPPY fRIDAY! AnD oMg hOw'D U gEt YoUr PRoFiLe tO MoVe.... tHaTs FrEaKiN aWeSoMe :p....
Just stopping by to wish ya an awesome day TGIF hooch xxx
Blah Blah Blah dunno what else to say LOL! You're one of my favorite cheetos, glad to call you my friend, never change for anyone, we luvs ya the way ya are (well the ones that matter) Love ya girl xxxxxxxxx Hammie
Thank you my darling for all the laughs and you know that there so many who love yah, some you may neva get to meet but you have brought so much sunshine into my life and I am much more of a better person cos you are there beside m xxxxx peace always precious gurl.

xxxx Mama
Love you long time heheh xxxxx

Oh where oh where could my Lulu gone? Oh where oh where could she be? LOL
Love yah my friend xxxxx

Just stalking on by lmao :P luv ya hooch
Aww...that almost makes me want to cry (notice I said ALMOST) and ewww Dale Jr SUX and go Vikings oops I meant F4VRE wahoooooo and 1 of these days I'm getting my cheetos back hooch!!!
awwww me loves you lots and lots always here if ya need a chat hun x
Love you to heaven and back!!!

You are the most gracious person I have met in here, I wish we lived closer but one day I hope we will be laughing up a storm somewhere, sometime but in the meantime, go well my darling, love to hubby and kids xxxxx always ur Mama
Well Cindy I couldn't ask for a better friend. <3 Love you girlie xoxoxo
HI Erskine Ursula, you've reached Annerz sorry I can't play right now so please leave your message after the beep. ***BEEP***
Hey beautiful gurl, love yah and u keep reminding mama life is about living it to the max!!! keep it up!!!!

hope you had a great birthday Lucky
Its great we have the same birthday
too bad we were both in the same
country we could both have a drink 2gether.
I hope you have a awesome day and get everything
you wish for xoxo
I miss my luuuuuuuuuuuuluuuuuuuuuuuu......where oh where could she be? :(
Umm excuse me I didn't say you could go offline I come back and poof you're gone..WTH? Get back here nowwwwww!!! Psst.. you can't get ur shades back if you don't play LOL!!
hey 2 a great friend and bg player love ya hunni koke
hey u :P
ok who won 3 in a row this time huh huh :P
u got lucky , wont happen next time :P hehehe