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Profile for r@nger

It worked! I was confused about some of those and laughed at others. Does that make me half Canadian or just someone with a really good Canadain friend who explains things to me? lol
Hey good looking whatcha got cooking? lol
love that picture of you--so pretty!
hi cuteie pie
i see u not shy lmao good for you babe well done you are number one all the time love ya be safe..
Sweet poem R@nger.. wow you are talented. <3
helloooooo my beautiful sexy presedent of the PLLC
i came here to perv you and *giggle* aww shux you know what i want heehee Lets give them something to talk about... lets give them something to figure out.... lol love the profile hun very true sayings. Hugs
love ya just checking out your profile.
R@nger I had an awesome time ... you are truly a unique person.. with an awsome personality. Can't wait to meet again. <3

My name is.....
Be strong mom Be the woman I know you are and by the looks of comments on here you have some real friends that care and are willing to show it ---- love you xxxxxx
Thank you!!!! Hurry up and get those bandages off so you can resume giving folks the finger. lol
yea ranger glad ur doin better n home but what did u have surgery for alot of us been asking take care hun
I must have missed something Tracy. What is that pic of and what is with your finger???? Inquiring minds want to know.
Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year! Thanks for your wonderful, kind words of encouragement to me. You are an awesome, superb, loving friend and I'm glad we are friends. Anytime you need to talk or vent, you know you can count on me. Love you girly, don't ever change for anyone.. I mean ANYONE! Love you the way you are.
Love the profile hun you said it best, hope you and your family have a very safe and blessed Christmas. xxxx
Loves ya woman ;)
Thanks for all you do!
hi girl how's the second sexy canadian of ob lol jk ha take care gl n ur games xxxxxxxoooooooo
Where the heck ya been???
Now I really feel like a big jerk : ( Happy Belated Birthday Trace!!! Hope it was a good one!!!! XoXo
BTW Those pics are adorable!!!
ty for the gb hun :)keep in touch hun
Hey happy birthday hope you have a great day :-)
boo...did i scare you?
I haven't seen you in ages, I miss our chats, hope to catch up soon, miss you heaps, tricky xx
I love your profile hun :) Thought i would drop by to say hello :)
Here we are standing side by side, all be it in the new profiles page, but true friends always stay by your side, never walk away when the going gets tough, love you forever, tricky xx
pagans are good people
Hey thanks heaps for the comment you left me and very nice profile also it is all completely true and as you say the truth will get out there it always does thanks for your friendship am so glad that thru all the lies and drama the truth will prevail and karma has a way of coming back to haunt those who hurt others keep positive and smiling :-)
gf, im with ozzy lol the power of christ frees you from that pagen lol i love your friendship no matter how you dish it babe cuz i know your the real deal a true friend woohoo may we stay pattyranger and force be with us always great profile says alot and u know what i mean love patty your true friend
nice eyes ill give you excorcism the power of christ commands you get out. hv a good easter and go to church pagan it will do u good xo oz
Happy Easter huni, thinking of you with lots of love, tricky xx
hey gf, you are very special and dont let anyone tell you different!!! those others are not worth time or space friends dont treat friends that way alway may rangerpatty and force be with us YEAH!!!!
You go girl!!! Thanks for being a friend to hubby n I lol
aw gffffffff
u touch somemany hearts u make us laugh cry and feel good about ourselves i love ur personally we are somewhat alike love u dearly i am greatful we r friends
loves ya gfffffffffff
R@nger I can relate to almost every word you said here. Losing a child changes who we used to be into a person that sometime we ourselve's don't recoginize, but like it or not that's who we are now. I too have flash backs and daily reminders of what happened when my daughter died. They are permanently etched in my mind. I too have a song I try to live by, by: Ricky Nelson, titled: Garden Party, It seems you can't please everyone, so you have to please yourself. Hang in there r@nger, I like you just as you are.
usually i write a smart ass comment , but not on this occasion , wtg u on wrtting that piece , im sorry about ur child and remember u dont need 2 change pplshould love u 4 who u are cus u will never please every 1 ....tracy u take care and its nice 2 have a friend like u ..... see what u missed when u never talked 2 me lol // luv 1uk :-)
That's a beautiful song r@nger, I always loved The Pretenders and in particular that song (Brass in Pocket was pretty cool too !!) but it has even more meaning now. You're a fabulous person and an inspiration. hugs, trickstar
That is right ranger. That is what true friendship is about. Just remember I will always be there for you. Love you lots and lots. force.
Very nice pictures of your daughters wedding r@nger. She looks very happy

hey ranger , you clean up real nice. your daughter is the spitting image of you. pretty young lady.jimdoo
hiya ranger love the pics yr daughter looks beautiful..catch you in the games
omg ranger i love the dress you look great.. hope your doing great don't get to talk to anyone much anymore with me working now.. tc hun

Hey Ranger. How is my favorite Canadian?? Been a long time... I am working again,,,,, YEAH !!!!!

hiya ranger tracy , nice 2 have a new friend .please dont be scared of me im an ok person really ..soo be happy feel stronger that u found a fairly nice new loud friend ... never judge sum1 until u really take the time 2 know them ....wow i can be wise .welltracy look 4 ward 2 knowing u .luv 1uk ;-)
Hey there u HOT Chic!!!!!!!!! Stay out the rain for the rest of us! LOL
oooooooooohh never mind I just might melt Look what happend to my cuz on the Wizard of Oz show??? Cant take chances :)
Thanks for joining World Dice and bringing friends.
HaHa Now who's The Tanning Queen????
Ranger it has been great getting to know you you put a smile on my face :) your an awesome person
hey hey beautiful, the storm, the passion, the rain, the tears of joy, the wind, the gentle breathe upon your body,the lightning, the fierocity of your love, the thunder, the beating of your heart.signed and sealed with a kiss
Hey Baby Girl Just dropping by to show you page some L.O.V.E !!!! XXX-OOO TTYL
Hey witchy woman you have the eyes that move weeeeeeee Nice pic here Keep your head up and look straight ahead leave the pass it better off there u have real friend thats all that matters woot woot
GREAT grad pics, ty r@nger
OMG friggggg
hey gfffffffffff
nice profile
ya i say the same as judy about ur pic hehe jk
Awww Trace You look nice in those pictures! Love your Hair!!!!
OMG those eyesssssssssss weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee witchy woman sweetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
hey gf
been a blast on here with you! i see the real you you are super! i pick my friends from honesty and truthful so your in weeeee! your a sweet person Judy
wowwwwwwwwwww sexy mama bossy too hope you find all you looking for and easy on the guy lol wink wink xoxoxoxoxo Judy
Okay Okay Leavin some love on your page.Just please dont send out those flying Monkeys those things give me nightmares as it is.Next would have to be the dang ice cream man he scary too!!!! XXX-OOO
hey gffffff
just wanted to say i am glad meeting you u r a great person always make me smile ty for the laughs and the friendship

loves ya gfffffffffff


p s so do canada girls lol
Hey there Buddy....what's more fun the games or the chat? The chat of course. Your a sweety and always a friend...Keep your chin up ..Always! Your one heck of a friend ..few and far between for no one to notice and appreciate. xoxoo Boog
Wazzzzzzup....Care for some soft tacos? LMAO!! Anyways, your a swetie...my kinda friend! Hope you have a lovely day! Don't be too rude...let me have some fun too!! Take Care hun....Gl in your games...
xxxxxxxx BMR
hey girlie i miss ya. ive been here and there and not here much. i have too much bs still going on in my life. i hope mike dont take katie from me. maddy and katie are scared of mike. huh... any way love ya---t/c ill be on soon so we can kick azz and take names later!
let the games begin and rock on!!!!! dena ;)
Hey gfffffffff....thanks for the add! I'm glad we share some things in common, you know what im talking about...lol. WERE AWESOME!! heheh.. Have a good day hun and gl in your games!!
xxxxxx BMR
To 1 of my dearest friends. You are the best. Also pretty sexy too weeeeeeeeeeeee lol. Well Cya
hey gffffffffffff
loves ya

really kewl pics
All good things must come to an end...It was fun while it lasted!!
hey hey hey dr, evil.... it evil jr. hehehehe I WOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Yogi Bear, Your such a Wonderful Person So Glad We Became Friends !!!! Your The Best !!!! <3 Hugs -N- Kisses <3 ~~HeavenlyDreamz~~
wow that flag looks great xo ozzy
Here's hoping Christmas finds some happiness for you even if it's just for a brief moment and a toast to the New Year. May our children in heaven never be forgotten for they once was a part of life!
What a lovely lady you are in your pics.thankyou for your friendship as always I cherish all mhy friends and look forward to getting to know you as well. Merry xams my friend and may you and your family have a wonderful time over the holidays and please stay safe. xxxx lyn
merry christmas r@nger
hope you have a quiet happy day full of fond memories hun
foxy xxx mwah
Hey hope you have a very merry xmas and happy new years :-)
Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope you all enjoy each and every moment:)
hi ya ranger
what a sweetie u are !!!
i love ur profile and love ur tattoo i bet that took hours and hurt loads
you take care hun ur one in a million
lynne xxxxxx
Hi R@nger the most beautiful woman in all of OB...no in the whole universe. Nice meeting you. Anytime you wanna play.....I'll be ready!!
heya huni cool profile love ur picys :)
i love you too bits dont ever change
love u
hi gf
kewl profile
awww ranger you cool ! nice tattoo! be good stay cool see you soon xxxxxxxxxx
hey girlie wirlie hiya
name change rocks
play me racing sometime okie
foxyyyyy xx mwah
hey ranger...you are fabulous...great and wonderful loyal friend....just letting you know not to let losers get you down your a winner not trash to be thrown away....love ya girl...moi....
hey ranger ur awesome stay cool and dont let any1 tell u ur not :)

xo Shawna