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Profile for pinkgel2

Good to be back in OB. Hope to get the chance to chat with old friends.
Hey Pinkkkky, is Rastas the bunny or cat !!! Well happy 1st birthday whoever it is. Regardless of bunny status, you certainly have found one cute mate. Hugs, trickstar xxx
Your a sweet lady that doesnt deserve the anguish your going through. Best wishes to you in this new year!
hi there pink hun . weve spoken a few times . today friday the 16th janaury i heard of your sad loss . im so sorry to hear about wats happend . our thoughts are with you n your family at this time in need. if theres anything anyon can do for you to comfort you then all these good people are here in 0B for you . god bless MrCheeky
Hello precious..... I hope 2009 is a fantastic on for you and your family. I look forward to taking u up on ur challenge.

Pinky have a great chrissy girlfriend !!! You're such a fun person, so glad we met, tricky xx
Hi ya Pink just wishing you and yours a very merry x mas and a happy new year . Hope 2009 brings good things your way !!! See you in the games !!
Hi ya pink, Wishing you and your family a super duper christmas, all the best for you all in 2009. xxxxx
hi baby ty huny happy.christmas ... hope its a good one your a real sweety xxxxxxx ...bear
Shar, you have a very nice looking family:) Glad that we became friends, wish you a very Merry Christmas and the very best in 2009!! Take care :)
Hi Pink,

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.
Have fun and TC.
XXX Marco.
Pinkkky you're one in a million, so glad we met. You have such lovely kids and pets and one very cute new pet by the name of Rob - good luck to you hun, you deserve all the happiness in the world - hugs, tricky
hey there hunni, ty 4 accepting my friend request :)
u live in george town don't u??
i'm in launceston :)
ur kids r gorgeous, gl in ur games :)
Hi ya Pink Great photos, great to hear you are happy and enjoying life. Take care xxxx
Hey Sharr
I haven't talked to you for a long time, hope to play a few games with ya soon, I might have to set my alarm to get on when you are,,,lol. Nice pics, beatuiful children and a nice looking guy that came into your life. Miss ya!! Take care. Cheers
Hey Sharrrr
hope to see ya here soon everyone misses ya
Kara xxx
hey babe. Im so glad we met on here because I feel like i have found a very true friend. And now I have another Tassie to help me out when they start teasing me lol. Im so glad to have you as mate though cheers dude....Leah xxxxx
I see cheeks!! hahaha! have a good day.
Oh yea , and thank you for the kind words . That means alot
I won't make the same joke of where your kidds got their good looks , we all know where that comes from , but am glad to have gotten to know you through spring , it has realy been fun playing you and kidding and joking around. I want to thank you for all the help you have given me since i arrived here.
Oh yea , cute hair dew.
Look forward to more games with'
Sent the other note to the wrong place ,, oh well you'll see it . Been fun playing you in ludo , thanks for the nice words and ty for all your help since i arrived here.
hi huny your nuts lol but i wuv yer xxxxxxxxx
hey pinkkkkk, it sure as been a pleasure meeting u online, always have funs playing u in Ludo. You are a very nice, fun and crazy person . I have even met other very nice people through u too, which is nice, because I really like meeting new people and chatting with them. Wish u the best in everything u do and ur family.
hey hun great to fo met you and even when no one else is online i know you are there ... maybe we will meet for real some day and it be great.. i always wanted to go to tassie where is snows lol and ahs just loves ya hunnnnn
Piinkkkkk I always enjoy playing you because I know i'm in for a tough but fun game,you're one of the nicest people I have met here so thanks. .. Saint
hi huny ty for being my m8 your cute xxxxxx bear
hey hun ty for gb ... nice profile u got there cute kids !!! ur daughters name almost same as my daughters mikayla :) nice choice hehe
Hey hun good to see you here. Cute kids and kitty lol and lleeaa you are very special but we love ya anyway lmao

Welcome to paid membership pink :)
g'day from sydney nice 2 meet u
wow im the first one you mention, I must be specialllllllll. Love Leah
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear pink, Happy birthday to you.....hip hip hooay...hip hip hooray...hip hip hooray......Love Leah