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Something close to my heart and always part of me, Santorini, beautiful then, even more beautiful second time around.

loves when your here hun. what a great day when your on. where ya been?.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.......ann
Ty Hunny! Happy Mothers day to you too! love ya xxxx
Aww ty tricky...he is growing up fast now and ready to walk! And still the sweestest of course... Can't wait to get there....6 weeks approx....

Dedicated to my lovely friends R@nger & Dee ... love you gf's, tricky xx
Wow!!! love the poem has a lot of meaning for me and also to alot more people id bet just remember at the end of the day you are a better person who learns from there mistakes . keep positive and strong :-) and keep smiling
Hey thanks heaps for the GB and also for being such a good friend to me you ,have helped me thru a really hard time by being here for me so thanks heaps Hugs Dee :-)
hey trickster .always fun with u around.........xxxxxxxxx..........ann
w00t w00t Wendyyyyy your mah sunshine!!!! Just droppin you off alittle Supa love. weeeeeeeeeeee love ya xoxoxoox
omg i love those roses and i so wish i could come to aussie it is beautiful.. love ya gf your the bestest
i asked an angel to watch over you but he came back sooner than expected. i asked Why? He smiled and said: "An Angel doesn’t need to watch over another Angel." Happy valentines day xoxoxoxo yogi
Trickieeeeee!!!!!!!! You know me if i haven't sent you some SUPA love you way in a day i freak so here's alittle love headed your way sexi......... :)
i wuv you!!!!! xoxoxo
hi trick good to meet you hun. and nice chatting to you
Trickieeeeeeeeeee ;) Wishing you and your family the most wonderful Holidays. Love you bunches girlie David James xoxoxoxo
Merry xtmas my dear.. hug and kiss from chile

Eli and family
Heyyyyyyy merry xmas hope you have a great day
Dee :-)
Merry CHristmas hunnie and all the best for 2009. Am happy to have met you here..you are a wonderful person....

happy holidays hun..wish ya the best and a great new year xxxxxxxx from Fantasy and mmunster
merry christmas mate have a great and wonderful one and i hope you have all the best come your way in the new year luv ya lots xoxoxox ranger
ah trickster the gal who never grows olddddddddddddd u rock happy holidays n dont get sun burneddddddddd this x mass xo oz
Trickyyyyy...one of my fav people..hope your xmas is extra special..see you in da games..xx
Hi Trickstar,

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.
Have fun and TC.
XXX Marco.
Happy Holidays Hunny! I love ya girl! xoxoxo
Just sending you some SUPA love from Beanie Boy! Hope all is spiffy up in your neck of the woods! Love you David James
weeeee trick goose pimples here listening to that song!!! You are a wonderful woman hun....love you!

You are an amazing woman Trickstar! Always Stay true to you and the world will be a brighter more lovely place for us all! I am so glad i got a chance to meet you! **Hugs**
ty dear.. for call me lovely.. but i think you are more!

Kiss and hug from chile
happy b day you not getting older just better looking xo ozzy
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear trickssssssssss Happy birthday to you. Hip hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray. Hope you have a wonderful day babe :) Love always Leah
u look better now why u worried about being 16 lol xo oz
aawwww trickster thanks for the message, you are one of the reasons I come on ob because even if Im having a bad day , I can log on and you always cheer me up. I love our little secret whispers about certain men rofllll, my ob experience wouldnt be the same without you!! Love Leah xxxxx
Hello tricky, what to say???? You are a good friend, whom has listened to me whine on occassions without complaining, we have shared pictures and games and a freindship that will last for hopefully years to come....... stay safe and win big !!
Hello my dear friend trickster, such a wonderful lady always cheerful and a great friend to have o here. Plus I think metallord said he loves me more than you heheheheheheheheh
Love ya Trickstar your the best!

hello my friend so nice to play you daily or almost daily lol hope the best for you and yours always... play and be happy :)