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Username:chrissyd23, 42 years
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I play mostly:Backgammon - played 3551 times
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Winner against the computer
Loser against the computer
Loser against the computer

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Im 27, engaged to Andy with a little boy called Dillon (aged7)and we are from Southend, Essex, UK
Love loads of people on here.. But the one who gets the most Love is 4kids4us.. For letting me kick her butt sooooo much!! She love it hehe
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heyyyyy witchy poo soo glad i met you your a great person love your pics hun.....and if u lucky i might just let u beat me hehe love ya xxxxxxxxx
BOO!!!!! <3 ya xx
your awesome, your a little retarded, your crazy, your amazing but most importantly your a true friend and my best friend!! <3
Laughing till you pee a little...that's what friends are for.
haven't put anything on ur wall in a bit, so thought i would get on here to tell u that .....U SUCK lmaooo haha love ya xxxx
Hi Chrissy,

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.
Have fun and TC.
haha u may have just won that game miss cheeky, but remember who kicked ur butt in ludo the game b4 hehe
mwah love ya xx
haha u may have just won that game miss cheeky, but remember who kicked ur butt in ludo the game b4 hehe
mwah love ya xx
awww hun great pics and glad to be ur friend hun!tiggs:)
hey there u
how is u and ur lady glove?? lmao
not liking u today u kicked my butt badly in bg :(
i will get u soon my pretty mwahahaha
Omg...remind me to bring a cushion next time we play...so I can pad my butt...very nice to meet and chat with you hun...what a handsome young man you have.....xoxoxo
Any time you want a game of BG hun i will be there..........TO KICK YOUR LITTLE BUTT..........wee wee wee all the way home.
TC and Meryy Christmas to you and your family.
hope u enjoyed the best butt whooping of ur life....expect more of them...lol...i want my place back
love ya xxx
i'm not going to talk 2 u anymore...i can't believe u took my place 9 in bg...now i'm ur place 10 grrrrr nottttttt happyyyyyy
Thanks for adding me as a friend. Nice profile. Your boy is adorable:-)
dont know whats she's talking about lol
hey i kicked ur butt in a bg tourney again....yay me...just thought i would remind u just incase u forgot hehe xxx
FISHY says your cool xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ENOUGH said xx
Don't lie...I don't cheat...if any1 cheats its this girl...i think she has a thing with Mr OB...never seen so many doubles...lmao xxx
haha dont be jealous... just coz im better at bg lmao xx
Hello my sexy girl....hey who's kicking whos butt....lmao
Your a great friend and I love ya
Ree xxx (4kids4us)