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Loser against the computer
Winner against the computer
Loser against the computer
Winner against the computer
Loser against the computer
Loser against the computer
Winner against the computer
Winner against the computer
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Super Ludo
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 Love playing sludo, and yamb, but mostly sludo and I especially love playing Feisty and Gizmo1 because they take the butt kickings I dish out them regulary really really well and always come back for more. (22)
ok u forgot me i always took them butt whoopins to and came bk 4 more lol.
Your family is so beautiful, God Bless always. Thank God Leoni doesn't look like either of u! haha j/k xoxoxoxo
yep like fools we return for more, lmao
I just saw your comment you brat! lol It's been great getting to know you and kicking your behind daily :) ty for the laughs xoxo
very nice work hun, beautiful!!!
I am so glad you joined OB. I love playing sludo with you even though you slaughter me most of the time LOL!! Happy games and gl to you in all your games. Thanks for being a great OB friend.
hey hun wanted to wish you a very happy new year and more to come to you and your family! take care i miss ya later!
iv just realised i was trying too hard with the hand posing lmfaoo thas y u cant see myy artwork lolllll
awwwwwwwww cloud!! u wanna stop buying they fake nails n get a man to paint u real ones lolllllllllllll n hahaaaaaaaaaaa u rrrrrrrrrrr mad eh i love ob lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll n mine r mess coz girls done em wait untrill i buy mysel sum nail varnish n g tpo work on mysel hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
awwwwwww we no millionaires i was hoping 4 my mouse hahaaaaaaaaa awell always next week lollllllllll n theyyyyyyyy nails r fake u nevadone em ursellllllllllllll lollllllll
Very nice things you have made. I'm in UK too get in touch with me i am interested in your products.
Hi Cloud, love the photos, and love playing with you in sludo....i don't think I will be asking you for a 3way for awhile ;) hahahahaha
your crochet is very nice I have tried to learn but haven't done well
great tat !!!
There are several kinds of friends ...
the friends you just a simple hi and bye!
friends that you know you LOVE more deeply
friends you can never count on them
friends who have betrayed you
friends who have deceived thee
friends who are no longer your friend
ALWAYS give you a hi with greater happiness and more sadness goodbye you may not know (I hope you know) I love you deeply know that you can always count on me
NEVER will betray you I will
NEVER deceive you
And I hope you NEVER stop being friends!
that tat looks good
lol nice picture now look at my profile hahahahaha we love our plush hagd tc