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Username:Starr, 43 years
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Online status:Offline, last seen 
I play mostly:Backgammon - played 2118 times
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Backgammon990 / 106669
Ludo646 / 7270
Painted Yatzy216 / 245509

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love the games on here, sneak back around often
I haven%u2019t been here in forever but congrats on your marriage!
congrats on your marriage !
Oh wow, you're still around too :) hi!
Hey Starr how are you it's been awhile
Starrrrrpowahh :D
whats up girl ..
looking good my lucky starr ever hear from lance n heather again ? lol
I Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year!!!Love you!!!
Hey Starr do you have an iPhone? Do you want to play fashion story with me?
You are so pretty!!! Love your hair :-)
Hi Starr!!! How are you doing Pretty lady?
awwwwww TY hun i luv ya bunches too...you are the sweetest...dont ever change
Hey Beauitful I hope you hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year!!! I Love you!!
Cool Photos :) Hi
nice profile pic really suits ya n i can tell u put alot of effort in to it u even spelt star right lol
heyyyyyyy HONEY IM HOME! lol all eyezzzzzzzzz on u huh lol ;)
girl you crack me up...never change who you are...luv your crazy ass lol
Hey my Brazilian Queen friend....whats shakin, bak'in......hahahaha
Hey yo need to pick ur friends more carefuly u know 1 bad apple could spoil the cart lollll ur still my bestest! lol
Awwww STARR!! u know u is my bestest ob fwiend infat maybe my only 1... one of u is enuff in the nicest way lol :)
Your camera is your bestest friend n u like to draw seagulls huh lol
i love you auntie starrrr <3
Not very many picsstarr lmao ohhhhhhh is thatapigeon in 1 the pics behind u lollllllll
awwww theres my beautiful starrrrrrr...i've missed you soo much hun..Hope you have a great holiday..lubs ya muahhhhh
Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving hun...and btw did ya watch the Hills last night...can you say OMG lmao
~Hey cooter...Hope you have a Happy ThanksGiving~Dont eat to much turkey or you might turn into one haha I;m glad you finally found a guy who treats you right... wish you both nothing but the best...*muahs* luv ya girly Sommer
Happy Turkey Day Cooter from Me,TC,Bill hope its a good one
Wow your beautiful!
Your pretty!
Nice to meet you Starr!
~Of couse I've missed your ass...omg where in the hell have you been missy?? you arent allowed to leave like that!! you better have a good excuse :D most of the hot guys dnt sit on the comp 24/7...you better go to Eharmony lol cya cooter xoxoxo
~Hey my fav Cooter.....I've missed youuuuu :( your pics are awesome...you are beautiful!! I'm glad that you are feeling somewhat better, you have been through ALOT lately....its suxs :(
I'm sooooo happy you are back...be a good girly now :D ~look at all the boys lookin at your profile you sexy lil thing.....ok I'm done Lol xoxoxo love ya girly *hugs* Sommer
u a stunner hun :) First time i seen ya pics :) xxx linda
pretty gurl:) im jealous :P
starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr awesome pic hun muah xxx
pfffffffffffft whatever. Show off! :P
Hey kiki... Where ya been?
Awseme pic!!! i love the crosss!!
rock on rock starr
Cute hat hoochie :d lol
Hy you little cute hoochie mama...Happy New Year!!! Now go get drunk lmao
merry christmas hun and happy new year xxxx
I love ur pics hun. you are a hottie ;) ... and I totally agree you should blame lleeaa for EVERYTHING! :...
I wish you and your family a Merry Chirstmas,Happy New Year.You are a great person starr!

hugssssss xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Starr,

I wish you a merry Christmas.
Have fun and TC.
And make a nice x-mas pic.
XXX Marco.
rock on movie star xo oz
U are awsome!!!! and im hungry ! got a sammich??
just wanted to say have a great day

from Kara your protector from face eateding koala's lol
hey girly love ya to pieces you crack me up.. your so sweet. don't ever change.. take care and always have a great day
well ge hmmm I changed my profile just for you and I come and see your and nope not a thing, so pfft to you, im going to have a sammich and im not telling you the details :)
I love you like a fat kid loves cake.lol
psst I just had a sammich hehehehehehehehe
hi starr you rock girl. gl in land of mormons. if u get tired of snow there come to canada we got more. keep safe girl u rock i cant type any more bout boobsie twins im being watched by ob cia luv ya keep safe ozzy xo
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are sooo pretty! love playin you in ludo! amazin. very beautiful girl though, i am jealous!