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Username:blooperberry, 36 years
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I play mostly:Super Ludo - played 4420 times
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Super Ludo
Super Ludo

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Hi I'm Kendra. Here to have a good time, and play some games!
If you are here to be nosey, then GET LOST! I dont have time for the drama. thanks! (3)
Love you (44) Payback25 (44)
Yep I'm here being nosey! Well it's your fault for the "new profile" so you was the first one in the line-up LOL! Look at those cutie pies! No I'm talking about you and Willie either! :-P
cute pics
Sending you a birthday shout out so here goes...
merry christmas hun and a very happy new year!
I'm here to be nosey so get over it! LMAO! Aww you and your kids are just too adorable!!!!!! Thanks for the games even though you and Rox cheat all the time LOL! :-P TC (((HUGS))) ~Anna~
Happy Birthday Baby , i love you so muchhhhh <3 <3 <3 xoxo
im just here to be nosey!!!! lol love the pics kids are gorgeous!!! i loveeeeee our games of sludo and i even love them more when i kick pays ass in them hehe!!
very nice profile hun n awesome kid n you practice sludo with hubby lol xxxx
Love You so much baby !!! xoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3
being nosey nosey nosey xoxoxoxoxo bawawawawa
hmm just popped on to say stop pinching my points lol
and what if im here being nosey huh ? :P what ya gonna do about it hmmmm muahhh :P
Thanks for being an awesome partner. We make a good team and have a fun together.
:P mmmmmm
Okay 3rd place last week...2nd place this week...Only means one thing for next week!!! We got this!!! Thanks again!!!
You were an awesome partner...We did well considering, our first time as partners!!! Thanks again, we'll get em next time lol