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Username:lordhelpu, 54 years
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I play mostly:Spades - played 29990 times
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Loser against cashkeeksblurose30Corrinna123
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Loser against cashkeeksCorrinna123
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Here to have fun and play play play with no drama .(8) (8),I have a beautiful family no idea how I had such BEAUTIFUL girls....Guess friom hubby lol.new pics


you will never know who could be falling in love with your smile... i like your smile , keep smiling plz
i just want to tell u im priveledged to call u a friend i love our games together and most of all i love ur fun bluntness lol xxx
hi hun, very nice looking family you have, always enjoy games with you
very nice profile hun n awwwww what a sweety xxxx
hey up lord hope the arms ok now and healing well dont leave it to long b4 i get the pleasure of kicking your butt lol
wow he is getting big and even more cuter every pic i see of him u must be terribly proud i would be xxxx