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(3)~Hey all ya ob peeps..I am 30 yrs old from Ohio(79)~I have 2 beautiful children who mean the world to me (44)~Morgann she is 10 and Myles he is 4 (10)~(113)~Plz dont ask me to PC i am not interested and I am not here to look for a relationship, I already have one if them (113)~ (21)~I have met some really awesome people on OB (3)~I love to play games on here and chat and have a good time(18)~I hate drama and liars so plz dont involve me in it (2)~GL everyone and have fun~(44)
(8)~The pics with me and my grandpa are very special to me(44)~ he just recently had open heart surgery and was on breathing machine and life support..he has been through so much but he is a fighter and he is still here to just celebrate his 76th bday, on mothers day~(41)(10)
Sommer, I really can discribe how much i enjoy our time together. Your a great mother a great OB wife and are true to yourself. Thank you for everything. Love you Supa
Hey its about time you invite me, I was too shy to ask lol.. Would love to check our act together!
Hmmmmmmm Well Sommer you are the best OB wifey a guy could ask for. mmmhmmmmm Just stopping by and dropping you off alittle Supa love xoxoxoxo
thats a funny kinda red in ur hair ..is it natural ??? lol
hiya wotever ur name is , just thought if u looked 39 ,okay u dont but wont say wot age and happy bday 2 u today ,,,wots a pc cus i cant not ask u 4 1 if i dont know wot 1 is ???? oh i just looked up ...hi sommer ? well nice to of met u and hope 2 beat u a few more times than u could ever beat me ..oh and welcome 2 the 1uk fanclub ur membership will be in the post lol luv 1uk :-)
hey! where ya been cooter! hope all your stuff comes back ok, lemme know!
Hey my Sommer girl i missed you so much you are a sweet person and i really love to hang out with you and to cut up.And you are the real sweet heart and i wish you all the very best because you are the one who deserves it.Well i just thought i would leave you a lil something something lol and here it is lol. Oh and i really hope all of you test comes back good and i'm sure it will so dont let it get you down.Well okie doki lol love you lots..........
Hey my bitty :) Love ya girl your the best!!! Your like a sister to me xoxoxo. I agree with matt you are a sweetheart and I am too honored to be able to call you my friend. SOMETIMES you can be an ITCH but cant we all lmfao haha ROFLMAO!!! Sorry couldnt resist :P. No seriously you are great hun, Keep your head up and keep smiling. Love ya xoxox Jenn
Hey i really dont know what to say on here but i'll do the best i can i guess i think you are a hell of a women and i'm glad we are buddys.Well i think thats about it lol. O and if u ever need some butt kicked give me a couple days notice it takes awhile to get there.Well okie dokie i came i wrote i'm out.
BRATSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Just dropping you off a little SUPA love! Hope all is well. Haven't seen you for awhile. Hope all is well :) xoxoxo
hey girlie i am so glad we became friends thank you for all the talks and for listening to my problems i appreciate everything i love you girlie and cant wait til you come to columbus!!!!!!!!!
Hey my sommerbabe. Love you chickie and I cant wait for you to come visit me either :). You are my very best friend also, you and matt rock!, Hes my guy BFF and your my girl BFF :) I am always here for you no matter what time, Im only a phone call away. You always make me smile :) You are the best!!! Love ya babes xoxoxox (<3) muahhhhhh
hi hun its been so great to get to know you and i think your a very beautiful person and friend stay cool lov ya patty
Hey my chicky! You are an amazing girl I love you to death. I consider you like one of my very best friends ;). You crack me up and remind me soo much of myself you are crazy girl. LOL read your profile your not looking for a boyfriend lmao then stop trying to pick up a girlfriend lol :D j/k Love ya. I am soo glad to have met you. YOU ROCK!!! oxoxoxoxoxoxox
Well what can i say about you?????????. Oh i know your about the sweetest person i know and to be honest im am honered to have you as my friend.If u ever need a friend hun im here for ya and i promise i will listen to you when u need me.
nice hairdo there hunni xo
Hi Hunni
Happy Valentines Day to you too
I just wished i was with my Valentine
Hugsssssss and Kissessssssss
hiya hun
wanna ty for being my friend and be there for me when i need you
you're the best and i love you
hugsssssssss and kisses hun
with love
Heyyyy Hun
Hope to see you soon again
I miss you very much and the talks we had
It's great to have you as my gf but i told you that many times
You really got a special place in my heart
Love You
Hiya hunni
you really are a great girlfriend and we sure have lots of fun
i can be myself with u and i can talk about anything i want and even when u get tired of hearing the same thing u just listen and be there for me
we laugh and we cry together
i can always count on u hun
Love u 4ever hunni
Hey Hun, Y a got some cute kids there! I think your a awesome person and friend..... Take Care N GL In alll your games even the mean ludo...lol
juls xxx
What a beautiful family! And such a great friend! I cherish our friendship and hope it remains for years to come.....
Hi hun
I'm really glad i know u and that we're friends
We do talk about everything and we laugh alot
I do wanna meet u one day coz i'll know we've got a great time
love u hun